Konecranes’ Product Process Course


Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™, serving a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. Konecranes is committed to providing its customers with lifting equipment and services that increase the value and effectiveness of their businesses.

The company got in contact with our Uplearnit team to create an online onboarding course to train their new employees on their product management processes. Getting your organization to adopt new processes can be tough, but an elearning experience can help minimize that resistance to change.

Below you can see the result, a responsive, highly-interactive elearning course. Since processes are so important to Konecranes, we utilized interactive process maps to visually describe the procedures. These provide an easy-to-view chart of the flow of work so its clear to the new learner.

Click on our YouTube video below to watch a walk-through of the course:

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Project details:

Client name: Konecrane

project category: Process Onboarding

Project budget:

Project duration: 1 month

Project completed: 31/01/2019