What we do

We transform your PowerPoint presentation into an eLearning course

Based on your PowerPoint presentations, we build engaging eLearning courses to help businesses understand IT systems and digital processes.

eLearning Services
How we do it

Our team

How we do IT

We work the startup way: by rolling up our sleeves and getting things done. Through a blend of design, communication and technical understanding, we spice up your content with a good structure, beautiful graphics and interactions.


Our team members

We've been in the trenches of complex IT projects for more than a decade. Thanks to our unique blend of technical and communication skills, we make the complex world of Information Technology a little easier to navigate.


Project Manager

Beatriz Gonzalez

I make things work smoothly and efficiently, by coordinating the team and keeping projects on track.

Sales Manager

Helena Gutierrez

I take care of sales and work with the team to deliver an outstanding customer experience!

Content Manager

Heather Long

I focus on copywriting, editing and creating the best content for the eLearning courses.

eLearning Consultant

Myriam Jenni

I develop eLearning courses that help organizations empower their workforce to go digital!

eLearning Consultant

Nathalie Outeiro

I help companies get their employees engaged with their IT tools and projects with eLearning.